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Bearded Axe Head - Pointed

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Head size -
Length: 148mm- including socket
Height (Blade length): 140mm
Weight: 540 grams

This bearded axe head with pointed beard is a strong sturdy item.

This axe is a carbonised iron and will easily rust when left untreated. In some cases a small amount of iron oxide may already exist on the product when you receive it. If you desire a good patina simply wipe down with a rag and re-oil. The axe will then be ready to use and look appropriately aged. A patina is hard to develop without doing this and as we do not polish them or make them from unrealistic stainless steel this is the best look for a period axe head.

Combat Readiness Score: 9/10 - corners may need rounding and shaft required. Dull blade for re-enactment.
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Out of stock
Great! Well priced, well made, and really looks the part when mated with a hardwood handle. Have used it chopping firewood, and it does the job better than modern tomahawk/axe. Thanks.
Great buy! Well priced piece, very solid and robust a good weight not to light so it has minimal impact but not to heavy were it cant be wielded or controlled.
Id strongly recommend this to anyone who love to make there own weapons as true to the really thing as possible. Shafted mine with Tasmanian Oak, feels good looks even better!
Skegg Ox Nice little axe, shafted mine with a hickory handle, really evocative looking. Would recommend!