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Every sword, helmet, & other items from history on our site will be in stock and ready to send or collect direct from Fight Club. Come visit the MFC / Fight Club store at Warnervale.

We ship everywhere.

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Sword Parts - DIY

Building your own sword? Then you will be interested in saving time and effort with our range of Sword and Hilt furniture including pommels, cross guards and grips. Perhaps you need to repair or create a sword from scratch? Are you a blacksmith looking for ways to save time and improve your margins? Then our range of pre-made hilt furniture and medieval sword parts may be a perfect solution for you.

If you need help we have made a sword assembly guide which is included free with every blade or kit purchased.

You can get blade blanks here.

Also, check out the great website Sword Buyers Guide for detailed information on good blades and where to get them:

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