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Medieval Maciejowski Battle Axe

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Maciejowski bible axe. Designed to replicate battle axe illustrations in the Maciejowski bible. Thought to be used between the 12th and 14th Century.

Be the ultimate Axe-cutioner with this large heavy duty battle-axe. Socket for shaft is an oval shape in cross section.

Head size -
Blade length: 231mm (9'')
Blade width: 175mm (7'')
Width including handle fixing loop: 215mm (7.5'')
Handle loop: 40mm x 38mm oval
Weight: 1.7kg

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10 - sharp points may need rounding and needs to be installed on a shaft.

otm16vc-ddetail1.gif   otm22ra-bdetail2.gif

otm16rcdetail2.gif   maciejowski-axe-3.jpg

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Good. Stylish. Heavy. Useful! Also put it on a adze shaft from Bunnings, fits well with some work to get it on ... Bunnings also have hammer wedges to help keep it on (sold in the hammer dept not the axe section).

Stylish. Impressive to see. Heavy as hell, but you can actually use it - I did to chop all the limbs off my xmas tree, and I have not even sharpened the axe. Just weight alone enough to smash the braches off. I will probably do that every year, so - it is useful. Highly decorative.

For re-enactment, perhaps a bit dangerous with the very pointy ends. And the weight of it.

Could use some polishing to remove the work marks (grinding marks) on it, also. Will get to that one day.

I guess the weight of it makes it useful for exercise, also, swinging it around.
Robert L. Coleman, Jr.
This thing is a beast! My "Medieval Maciejowski Battle Axe" arrived today. Unfortunately, my carrier did a drive-by and left, leaving me to pick up and sign for the package at the Post Office. A minor quibble, as it's the month of December, and postal clerks have a hard enough time during the Christmas season.

It took about ten days for it to arrive to the U. S. from Australia, which is pretty good timing. My first observation upon taking it out of the package is--THIS THING IS A BEAST! Holding the axehead in my hand shows that it is made with one thing in mind: Splitting heads, cleaving helms and removing limbs.

The makers took pains to make it look like some of the axeheads in the Morgan Bible (a. k. a. "Maciejowski Bible). I'm fairly anxious to get this mounted on a four to six foot piece of ashwood or hickory, and see how well it works as a demo cutter. This will be a perfect way of demonstrating the destructive power of a 13th-century medieval battle axe against tamigishiri mats or melons.

I have ordered from Medieval Fight Club via e-Bay before. I'm pleased that ordering directly from the web page was so seamlessly easy. I look forward to ordering from you folks again!
Magnificently destructive I love this axe head. It's big, solid and looks badass once it's mounted.
Mounted it onto a 5ft Vic ash Adze haft from Bunnings. Took a bit of woodwork to get it on, but it was worth it.
Once you start swinging and chopping it is just brilliant.