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Bearded Axe Head - Petersen's type G

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Head size -
Length: 190mm (7.5 inches) - including socket
Height (Blade length): 130mm (5 inches)
Weight: 795 grams

This large and heavy axe head is styled like Type G from Peterson's axe typology. Item is raw steel and will rust if not coated or covered.

EXTRACT - Seems to be a further development of the longer specimens of the A-type, but the shape is even more slender, the shaft hole lobes even more developed. The neck is slender, often faceted. The edge more outwardly curved, the part behind the shaft hole section not as broad. As a kind of transition from the earlier types, I count C1978 from Opphus, Vang, Hedemark, found with a sword of the D-type; the edge here begins to
be more developed, but this axehead is closer to the older forms. Of swords this type is found especially with the M type, also the H-type, K-type, and F type, I type (1 find), also one find (C 4115 ff. From Nordby, Fet, Akershus) with a noicemaker of decidedly younger type. Of spearheads the C and F-types.
The typological development, should it be correct, suggests that this type belongs to the last half of the 9th century, in its fully developed form, while examples like C1978 must be older. The find combinations also match with this, though the type can also be found in the 10th century. This is not surprising with such a simple type.

This carbonized iron axe exudes a rustic appeal, but it's susceptible to rust without proper care. You may spot a bit of iron oxide upon arrival.

To attain that genuine, aged appearance, a straightforward method is to wipe it down with a cloth and apply a fresh coat of oil. This not only safeguards the axe but also bestows an historically accurate, weathered look. We skip excessive polishing and the use of unrealistic stainless steel to preserve the axe's authentic period aesthetic.

Combat Readiness Score: 9/10 - corners may need rounding and shaft required. Dull blade for re-enactment.

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great dark age look nice and light for practical use, robust enough for it too. Had some pit holes from the hand forging - but I think that adds to the dark age/viking look I wanted; a true barbarian's axe!
Reese P
A viking feel I love the roughness of this axe head. From the not so perfect edges to the hand beaten hammer marks that give it that authentic feel.
So happy with my purchase.