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An axe, a war hammer and a spear walk into a bar. 12 vodkas down and a shared hotel room, we get the Pollaxe.

We joke, but this is in essence what a Pollaxe is. It is best parts of all the aforementioned weapons. Three heads, each designed to deal with different types of opponents, and with an exemplar reach to boot. Prominently used from the 14thC to 16thC, the halberd was a staple of front line infantry, famously by Landsknechte regiments, and was supplemented by the pike, then later the pike and shot.

It is arguably the most versatile melee weapon, only losing points in close range combat. Apart from that, it handles most situations pretty well, if you know how to use it.

This Pollaxe in particular is made of carbon steel, and has a hardwood haft. There are trefoil designs dotted along the top langets and one in the axe head, and floral pattern rivet heads. It also has a steel butt spike and lower langets.


Total Length: 1735 mm
Haft Length: 1545 mm
Haft Cross Section: 21 mm x 19 mm
Axe Blade Length:
220 mm
Hammer Face: 96 mm x 20 mm
Spike Length: 150 mm
Top Langet length: 470 mm

Weight: 1.97 kg

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