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What's better than a war hammer ? Well, a war hammer on a long stick of course!

The Bec de Faucon is just that. Meaning "Falcon's Beak", due to the close resemblance, it is a perfect multi-purpose weapon of war from the 14thC. Featuring three sides to the head, each one designed for a different particular function: a three-pronged hammer head to smash armour with blunt strikes, a heavy spiked point to puncture maille or padding, and a bladed edge to slice through unprotected flesh.

All of these wonderful attributes, with great reach to boot! Shorter than a spear or pollaxe, but longer than a hammer or sword, the Bec de Faucon is primarily designed to be wielded with two hands, but is not completely unusable if you only have one to spare. Versatile and efficient, the Bec de Faucon is a wonderful all-rounder in the realm of medieval weapons.


Total Length: 1225 mm
Haft Length: 1092 mm
Haft Cross Section: 28 mm x 18 mm
Total head length: 182 mm

Hammer Face: 25 mm x 21 mm
Beak Length: 86 mm
Top Spike: 110 mm
Langet length: 494 mm

Weight: 1.048 kg

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