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Partizan (Partisan)

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A partisan (also partizan) is a type of polearm that was used in Europe during medieval times. It consisted of a spearhead with protrusions or flanges on the sides, which aided in the user in parrying sword thrusts. Like the halberd, it quickly became obsolete with the arrival of practical firearms, though it stayed in use for many years as a ceremonial weapon after it had become obsolete.

Please note the forks are real and are NOT toys.
No pole included.

Combat Rating = 9 of 10 (if it were for real battle it would get a 10, but for reenactment combat you will need to blunt the blades. Please note the spears are real and although they are blunt they are NOT toys.

Weight: 765 grams
Length: 450 mm (17 ½ inches)
Width: 150 mm (6 inches)

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order this spear, you will also receive a downloadable document detailing how to mount a spear head onto a pole. This information is to make it easy to prepare your spear for combat (see here for more details). Proving once again that we have the real knowledge to assist our customers.

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Ted - Denizens of Ethos
Awesome Spearheads Brilliant gear. They are very tough and ring like a bell.