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Wooden printing block - Chernigov

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Chernigov wooden printing block (20cm diameter)

This wooden printing block is designed to replicate the  one of three block print designs recovered from Levenki Burial Mound #2, Chernigov, Ukraine. The original woollen fragment from which the block is based has been dated to between the 10th~12th century CE. Perhaps one of the best known examples of Rus block printing, the geometric roundel shape mirrors silk brocade of the same era and may have been a local alternative to imported silks. This printing block is the perfect choice for your next sewing project and looks fantastic stamped in rows to cover an entire kaftan, cloak, tunic or dress.

Block printing is a simple and effective way of decorating just about any fabric of your choice. Historic examples from Late Antiquity and Medieval contexts include Sassanian silk prints from Quedlinburg, Germany (6th~7th century CE), Moshchevaya Balka, North Western Caucasus (8th century CE) and Chernigov, Ukraine (10th~12th century CE). 


Diameter: 20cm
Depth: 2cm

See a sample we made using these blocks

FREE BLOCK: Purchase the large rosette block and this Chernigov block print and receive a triangular (half) rosette for free.

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In stock & ready to send
Dale Mulder
I bought this and the rosette and followed the video instructions and made some great cloth. Well there are a couple of minor mistakes but it will be ok. I am yet to make a coat but I feel really great about the outcome of the printing. Thank you so much MFC for making these available.