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Blowing Horn - no reed

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Discover the mesmerizing world of blowing horns, where a simple horn becomes an instrument of both history and resonance. Imagine holding in your hands not just a horn, but a passage through time – a horn with a purpose.

Delve into its origins, and you'll find a connection to ancient rituals and societies. Often fashioned from the horn of a bovine, this instrument served as a conduit for ancient calls that echoed through history.

And listen closely to the secret this horn whispers: its design is more than meets the eye. As its sound travels through the air, it gains strength, carrying battle cries across vast distances. It's a natural amplifier, a bridge between warriors separated by landscapes and time.

Imagine the power – lips pressed against its opening, a rush of air, and suddenly, a triumphant sound that reverberates with the energy of ages past. Just like modern trumpets, the magic lies in the dance of pressure and vibration, a symphony created by human touch.

So, the next time you glimpse a blowing horn, remember that it's not just an instrument – it's an artifact of stories untold, a channel for the resonant voices of our ancestors, and a testament to the unbreakable bond between sound and soul.

Approximate Measurements:

Length: 25 -30 cm approx. along the outside curve
Sounding End Circumference: 20 - 25 cm approx.

Clean, polished and ready to use.

Horn and colour markings will differ from image.

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