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When it comes to weapons, in general there really is only one core principle: Bonk hard, bonk fast. 

The best weapon to fulfill this simple, yet elegant, requirement is none other than a hammer. Its weight makes it hit hard, and your strength makes it hit fast. The perfect combo. Now, expanding on the core principle, we can add certain embellishments to make the impact sting that little bit more. How about some spikes?

And so, the ultimate weapon (sort of) is created: the Fortified Hammer. It hits hard, it hits fast, and it hurts a lot.

Now while this weapon is just too perfect for use in reenactment combat, I'm sure the creative (or crazy) among you can imagine some other uses for it...

PLEASE NOTE: There may be some splits down the grain of the head on the hammer. This is not a defect as the fortification holds it together.


Total Length: 600 mm
Hammer Width:
150 mm

Shaft Length: 490 mm
Shaft Diameter:
30 mm

Weight: 1.7 kg

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