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Da Carrara Beast Hammer - 14th Century

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As a Lord, there are some comforts afforded to you. Food, luxuries, free time. However, you probably also have well equipped and armoured enemies. Such is the nature of rule, I suppose. Deal with them in the only way you know: with flair.

The Carrara Beast Hammer is a good example of function working with form. It is first and foremost a deadly weapon of battle, a warhammer, designed to crush through armour and smash limbs to pieces. Yet, at the same time, is a work of metallurgic art and a display of wealth and status. A weapon worthy of Francesco Novello da Carrara, the commissioner from whom the hammer receives its name.

The weapon depicts some monstrous dragon at the top; its mouth agape, breathing its flame as the striking head. The beast's steel tail forms the puncturing mandrel at the back. The dragon itself is carved brass, sitting proud atop the neck, also made of brass. The handle is hardwood, and is capped at the end with a brass pommel.

Even heavily armoured opponents will think twice before facing you with this in your hands.


Total Length: 665 mm
Head Width: 155 mm
Head Thickness: 30 mm
Average Grip Diameter: 35 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

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Xander McMahon
Verified purchase
The photos don't do it justice, looks amazing, feels amazing. the only gripe I had is that the hammer face has some rusting where it meets the dragon mouth, it only looks relatively superficial, it came oiled so I'm not sure what the problem there is.