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Pollaxe 1450 - single handed

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15th century style single-handed pollaxe on a sturdy wooden haft.

The pollaxe head is carbon steel, blunt and ready for use in re-enactment or HEMA combat. The haft is of a generous length allowing for short and long hand use.

Head Length: 120 mm
Head width: 165 mm
Poll head: 35 mm x 25 mm
Axe Blade length: 140 mm
Haft Length: 750 mm
Diameter: 30 mm
Weight: approx.
1.1 kg

Combat Readiness Score: 10/10 - sharp corners may need rounding.

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In stock & ready to send
Phillip Vins
Smaller than i expected but has a nice weight to it. Head was a bit lose but after a few tests i found it to be nicely attached with no threat of coming off. Awesome addition to my medieval armoury
Steve T
even feels leathal. Nicely made,nicely weighted good looking axe.This could do some serious damage even with a dull edge!Shaft could use some stain for display but if you are going to use it i wouldn't worry.Nice.