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Dane axe with Viking era etching on both sides of the blade and includes a robust medium length haft. This is a beefy weapon designed to cut down through a man and his shield.

Large two handed axes of the Vikings were also called Danish or Dane Axes, they were an early type of polearm. Viking Axes are made light enough to withstand throwing with there forged heads and hardened edges. Another use of Viking axe was for punching through any armour or cleaving helms in close combat because of the relatively short cutting edge. It is battle ready and can be used for costume dressing also.

Total Length: 1207 mm
Butt to Blade: 316 mm
Blade Span: 213 mm
Blade Thickness: 8 - 9 mm
Haft Dimensions: 32 mm x 50 mm
Weight: 6.8 kg


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