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Padded Standard / Pixane

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Felt padded & quilted pixane or standard - Sometimes incorrectly refered to as a padded gorget. Made by MFC and is a perfect addition to a medievalists garb.

Provides great protection for the neck and shoulders.

Can be worn on its own or underneath a mail coif.
Fitted with arming straps for you to buckle on additional armour.
Stiff collar to protect the neck.

One size fits all.

Washing instructions included in garment tag.

Made from cotton

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In stock & ready to send
Excellent protection for the price. I found the buckle / strap to be unnecessary. Biggest issue with this is, if you have a mask overlay, every time you lift your arm your overlay moves which is annoying. However, better to be annoyed than stabbed in the neck!
Excellent and affordable start to your own equipment Very well made and comfortable neck and shoulder protection. I was very impressed with it and will get a lot of use out of it. Highly recommended for anyone starting to put together their own equipment for W.M.A.