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Padded Forearm Protection

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These padded forearms offer excellent forearm protection for the re-enactor.

Made from heavy cotton (outer), felt (inner) and light cotton (lining) with rope lacing.

Length (outside arm) 290mm (11.25 inches)
Length (inner arm) 210mm (8.25 inches)
Weight 180g approx

Padded armour is made from layered or quilted cloth packed out with padding material.
This form of protection occured in most cultures at one point or another, either layered with metal armour or worn as protection in its own right.

Padded armour can provide effective protection and is normally lighter than other forms of armour.

Other names for forearm protection inclue; vambraces (French: avant-bras, Polish: karwasz, sometimes known as lower cannons in the Middle Ages)

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M Boyd
Simple and well-made These pads are well constructed and provide comfortable padded protection for your wrist and forearm.
They are a good shape and look better on my hairy arm than on the mannequin arm in the photos. The wrist end of the guard comes just past my wrist joint and, being flexible, doesn't interfere with wrist movements.

I think it will be highly suitable as an entry-level protection for students using modified shinai or synthetic wasters.
It could be dyed any colour as part of a costume or used as a foundation padding for leather or metal splints.

Excellent value.