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Heavy Duty Anglo-Saxon style Helm with face grill

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NOT SUITABLE FOR SCA COMBAT - Unless you are really good at welding.

The Anglo-Saxons inhabited Britain from the 5th century. The Anglo-Saxon period denotes the period of British history between about 450 and 1066, after their initial settlement, and up until the Norman conquest.

This 16 gauge helm features a protective grill and is adorned with an animal motif eyebrow and nasal piece made from solid brass. The dome itself is covered with brass plaques depicting individual warriors and geometric designs. Each plaque is securely fixed to the helm with brass domed rivets.

Inside the helm has suspension webbing and a durable chinstrap. This heavy duty helm offers great protection on the battle field and is a true combat ready replica.

External Circumference: 730mm
Internal Circumference: 640mm
Depth of dome: 155cm
Gauge (Thickness): 1.59mm (16ga)
Weight: 3.1kg approx

Combat score: 8 of 10

Note: Exterior of shells have been welded. We recommend an additional bead of weld on the internal ridge.

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