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Gjermundbu Helm - Battle Ready Scandinavian Helmet

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Of the 5 surviving viking helmets, the Gjermundbu is most famous. This is due to its rare condition of being one of two helmets that could be fully reconstructed, as opposed to the others existing as only incomplete fragment constructions. The Gjermundbu helm dates to about 970 AD.

This Gjermundbu helmet also features excellent brass inlay into the spectacles of the helm, as suggested by the grooves in the original find.

A fearsome design, the Gjermundbu helmet features an iconic ocular design, as well as a famous spike at its top. The construction is a four-piece spangen helm braced together with ribs and rivets. The brow line features holes for attaching a maille aventail. Additionally, the helmet comes with a leather chinstrap and interior webbing for height adjustment.

A true Viking helm, accurate and fearsome!

Internal Circumference: 640 mm
Height: 230 mm
Nasal Height: 70 mm

Helmet Gauge: >1.6 mm (16ga)

Weight: 2.7 kg

Combat score: 10 out of 10

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