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Crusader Great Helmet - brass cross

Crusader Great Helmet - brass cross

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Designed and made for re-enactment combat. This isn't just a simple poorly made replica only thicker, this is designed to be historically accurate and very durable. Suitable for the discerning re-enactor. Basic padding and chinstrap included. This helmet has a polished finish.
Brass cross accent is 2mm thick and not just tacked on like many replicas.

The helm, which began to be seen on the battlefield as early as the 13th century on its earliest forms proved to be a winning design to be used almost for the next three centuries. A simple to manufacture piece whose elongated use proves it was useful even for cavalry protection. Worn commonly over a chainmail coif or skull cap was usually built with 4 pieces riveted among them and with flat top. It has a fierce-looking fixed visor that enhanced the already intimidating look of a charging knight. To make the design of this piece we´ve been inspired by an original piece dated from the middle 13th century found in Pomerania that nowadays is shown in the Historisches Museum of Berlin. This kind of helm was usually seen in the middle 13th century until beginning of 14th century as can be demonstrated in some documents as the Codex Manesse, the Maciejowsky bible or the Cantigas.

Circumference at eyes: Internal- 890mm, External- 935mm
Diameter: 200mm left to right, 240mm front to back
Height: Front- 300mm, Rear- 270mm, Side- 275mm
Eyeslits: 15mm high and 90mm wide each

Weight: 3.3kg
Gauge: 1.6mm steel

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