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Sugarloaf Helmet

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The Sugarloaf Helmet is a full face helmet that is a cross helmet between the heaume and the bascinet where the skull of the helmet was pointed like a bascinet, and the sides enclosed like a heaume. The tall, pointed top offered a much better glancing surface than the older flat-tops, allowing blows from a sword, mace or axe to be harmlessly deflected.

They were worn until the third quarter of the century, when the visored bascinet emerged as dominant. Sugarloafs were often adorned with a cross of brass, bronze or latten across the front and decorated with torses and mantles, especially since they were frequently worn in tournaments and in jousts.

Circumference at Widest Point: 670mm (external)
Weight: 1.7kg
Thickness: 1.2mm carbon steel

Combat Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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Out of stock
M Boyd
A very good helmet for the price This is a good helm option for the period.
It is solidly constructed and looks good too.

Sorting out a good padding option is a must. An arming cap is not appropriate- or, not solely appropriate. Inside the crown of the helm will need packing to get it sitting properly ie. eyes lines up with the slots, keeping the helm off your shoulders and off your nose and chin. Initially, I did this with a appropriately folded t-shirt but will make a liner to do it properly.

Also, this helm could be easily modified, personalised, decorated or antiques.
Highly versatile for creating a persona or displaying specific heraldry.

A bargain.
Awesome Would be an idea to have something to pack into it to adjust your head size, eg a towel but this helmet was good for the price and i liked the design above many others.

If your starting off , this would be my first choice.