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Gothic Fluted Gauntlets

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These fine fluted Gothic gauntlets are highly functional, durable, flexible and decorative. View the extra pictures for more details.

When you want top quality hand protection, there is no comparison to this pair for overall value.

To compare these high quality gauntlets with other inferior Gothic gauntlets please remember that some details can't be clearly seen in the photographs. Ask your supplier if the fingers are durable and properly constructed like the MFC Gothic gauntlets, and if they have each finger plate riveted to the plate either side of it. We would bet in most cases that the finger plates are riveted to a strip of leather. Historical production values found in these gauntlets are rare in off the shelf products so remember not all Gothic gauntlets are the same.

Please Note - Glove colour may be black or brown. Glove now includes additional padding on the back of each finger

Includes -
hinged cuff
hinged thumb
leather glove
secured finger loops

View of finger loops Gripping a sword front view of gauntlets Clenched gauntlet fist

Exquisite quality at an affordable price.
Please Note - Glove colour may be black or brown. Glove now includes additional padding on the back of each finger.

The gauntlets are 16g

Medium Size Measurement
Weight: 1.25kg (2.5 pair)
Length Overall: 410mm
Measurement across the knuckles at base of fingers: 13cm
Measurement from the base of the knuckle plate to the index finger tip: 13cm

Large Size Measurement
Weight: 1.3kg (2.6kg pair)
Length Overall: 430mm
Measurement across the knuckles at base of fingers: 14cm
Measurement from the base of the knuckle plate to the index finger tip: 14cm

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

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Warnervale Store
4/1 Burnet Road
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Out of stock
Nick Hart
A pleasantly surprising set, I was original skeptical of fingered gauntlets for their supposed lack of protection around the fingers, so I bought a pair of clamshell gauntlets instead, which while are decent, were bulky and very heavy.

Even for a manlet like me who barely exceeds 5'8, these gauntlets fit my hands very well and are light and comfortable compared to the clamshell gauntlets, I have small hands and to my surprise the gloves actually fit perfectly, I didn't even need to put on an extra glove. As well as looking cool, they are very protective and cover over and under your forearm with the ability to adjust to your own comfort. As well as granting me the ability of freer movement with my fingers to handle a. shield or weapon with greater ease.

The only personal criticism would be the right glove is a little tighter to clench than the left, but it's really an insignificant complaint. This piece of armour came heavily greased compared to some other armour I brought so you'll need to take some time to rub the excess off with a rag.

Overall it's fine piece of gothic armour that any 15th century fan should not let go by if they intend on putting together a late German Knight set. The best MFC purchase I've made yet as of this review.
Nicholas Szmekura-Moor
Couldn't be happier! I was a little nervous about the size of these gauntlets as I have fairly small hands, but they fit me very well and are quite comfortable! I can even increase the comfort (albeit while decreasing my dexterity) by wearing a second layer of gloves beneath them if needed, but this isn't generally necessary.

The gauntlets look and feel great and function perfectly, I've tested them against blunt and edged attacks and in most cases I literally don't feel anything. There are a few areas where the fingers remain exposed, but this is simply a result of them being finger gauntlets rather than mitten style, and isn't an actual problem.

The gauntlets arrived oiled and well packaged, and fast! It only took about a week for them to arrive, very well priced, too. Showed them off at my HEMA club today and drew many impressed and envious looks.

I also contacted the MFC staff with some questions prior to ordering, they responded very quickly and informatively, which I appreciate! They also fulfilled my request for black gloves (as opposed to brown) with no hesitation.

10/10, highly recommended! Will definitely order through MFC again!
Alex Roberson
Hema Awesome gauntlets Great quality steel gloves, brilliant articulation with only some very slight loss of finger movement (as can be expected). The overall design is great, it is a nice piece and the working parts are fantastic. These gloves look and feel great.
The gloves are heavy (1kg each) so they will slow you down, I’m not sure how they will go in HEMA competitions where most people use leather gauntlets for this reason, however the protection of the fingers, hand, wrist and lower forearm is great. As is they are great for training with steel weapons, including longswords.

The gauntlets are a mild steel so they will need to be oiled regularly