Leather Mitten Combat Gauntlets

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These gauntlets were designed by an Australian re-enactor to meet safety standards. Being leather they are light-weight and are a great alternative for those needing more primitive gauntlets for eras prior to plate/steel.

They have been designed using lamellar armour techniques which are found in ancient cultures right through to the medieval period. Although leather they can absorb a hit as well as any steel gauntlets.

Tried and tested in heavy re-enactment combat for over 5 years, these gauntlets represent the cumulative result of 4 generations of evolution, with superior comfort, grip and protection, they come pre-padded -ready for combat.

Buff leather and cotton so you can stain it a colour to match your soft kit (please see last images)

Weight: 280 grams each (560 grams a pair)

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10