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If there's any place you should go for historical armour and armaments - it's Churburg Castle. One of the world's best collections of intact historical pieces, it's legendary in it's contribution to medieval art and history.

These gauntlets are a direct recreation of those found in the armoury at Churburg. They are of the hourglass type, common around the 14thC and 15thC. The large opening at the wrist allow for great mobility without sacrificing protection. These gauntlets are made of carbon steel, and feature brass highlights on the knuckles, wrist and rims.

Inside the gauntlet is leather padding on the articulated fingers, to which the leather glove is sewn on. They protect from chafing, and allow for easy repairs or replacement if needed.

Pair these with some vambraces and couters, and you've got yourself some solid arm protection.

Total Length: 250 mm
Knuckle Width: ~28 mm
Knuckle to Middle Fingertip: 130 mm
Wrist Flare Diameter: 135 mm
Plate Thickness: 1.6 mm

Weight (Per gauntlet): 0.85 kg


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They work really well.
Tom Allans
Awesome gauntlets, I absolutely love them.