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"Saint Maurice" coat of plates - Long

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This body armour is made to a standard size for adult males with girth over 100cm. It is deigned to overlap and protect/cover the lower spine.

This one is designed for someone with:
Torso height: 560mm
Torso girth max:1120 mm
Torso girth min:1050 mm
Weight: 6kg approx

This brigandine was made after the sculpture of St. Maurice that can be found on the Magdeburgo Cathedral, dated between years 1250 and 1300. Despite the legendary martyr was a Theban major from the 3th century A.D. it appears represented with weapons from the 13th century. Over the lorica wears one of the first brigandines, clearly suggested by the represented rivets that hold the inner plates. This is a defensive item that combines mobility and extra protection thanks to its metal plates superimposed over a flexible frame supposedly made out of leather.

Each plate is 1.6mm thick
Total weight for this 1.6mm set is 6 kilograms (approx).
Standard model is made with strong supple leather.


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R Verrenkamp
Verified purchase
Had this for 5-6 years maybe more Fantastic light but strong movability is good added some plates to the upper back helps to counter the front weight good all rounder
Excellent Quality I've been able to compare both types of Visby coat of plates. This one is the best by far. The weight distribution is excellent. You hardly notice your wearing it. The longer back piece acts as a counter balance to remove all weight off your neck(the other Visby plates have a short back piece and the weight sits on your T3 and T4). The metal strips are thin but could be easily replaced with thicker ones if you wish. Cant wait to use in combat.