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English Civil War Cuirass / Breastplate and tassets

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Pikeman armour 1607

English Civil War pikeman's armour. Includes backplate not visible in pictures. See close up pictures for more detail.

The pikeman had his movement curtailed by the pike itself and was a sitting duck for the musketeers and cavalrymen. This meant he required heavy armour in the front and the head to fend off musket balls and swords, without the downside of carrying too much extra weight that would disable his movement. The solution was the corselet with tassets (thigh-guards) and the 'English Pot' helmet. The corselet is V-shaped to help deflect pike thrusts and quite thick to increase chances of rebuffing a musket shot.

Yes the position of the tassets may not be correct. Thankyou to those who commented. If you know a definitive answer to the correct position the feel free to let us know.

Buff coat not included but is available through Medieval Fightclub
Some people have also bought a gorget to match with this armour.

Height - 820 mm
Chest - 1250 mm
Waist - 1150 mm

Gauge: 16 (1.6mm)

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