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Gothic fluted elbow and arm guards

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This pair of gothic style fluted elbow guards come complete with vambrace and rearbrace, elbow cop and couter plate that offers great movement and arm protection for re-enactors. The elbow couters also double as medieval weapons of war. Size is adjustable within 30mm of the length measurements. This item has a satin finish.

Includes leather edging attached to the top of the shoulder. Perfect additional protection and gives somewhere to tie to the harness or arming jacket.

3 position tie points on upper
2 position tie points on lower
5 buckles and straps
Leather tie point on shoulder
Couters are a single piece

Upper arm length: 215mm (8.5 inches)
Upper arm width: 190mm (7.5 inches)
Lower arm length:215mm (8.5 inches)
Lower armwidth: 145mm (5.5 inches)
Weight: 2.5kg (pair)

Combat readiness score : 10 of 10

Note: Arming points are a combination of items. It can be used as a collective term for
1. The hole/s attached to a piece of armour as would be supplied as part of this product.
2. The re-enforced hole in the arming jacket, either reenforced with stitching or an additional piece of leather.
3. The cord and aglets to tie them both together. We have aglets available here.

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Out of stock
James Wild
These are a wonderful fit to the arms, they move nicely and look great, only problem is when you fully bend your arm it does poke you a bit with some of the corners, easy fix though.
Ondt Ulv
Needs a little work They are great. bear bones gear straps need some work if your wearing mail or anything like that and liner if your not but they hold up well in a fight
Excellent product, Excellent value This is a very versatile piece of armour with it's mobility, room for modifications and adjustment. Also the armour does not slip easily

The only thing holding this product back for me is the strap length as it is quite short, especially when a gambeson and mail is on.