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Gothic Bevor - Mild steel

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A bevor is a piece of medieval plate armour designed to protect the neck, much like a gorget. This bevor is made of multiple articulated lamés around the neck and chin and includes locking pin. The bevor was typically worn in conjunction with a sallet, and combined to provide protection for the whole of the head and neck. The bevor was named to suggest it was a dribble plate.

Weight: 0.875kg
Width at back: 160mm
Gauge: 1.6mm (16ga)
*Now in brushed POLISHED finish.

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

A versatile and simple gorget is an excellent option for any infantry, mercenary or knight in between the years 1400 to 1480. The use of this piece is the result of the development of defensive weapons trying to protect the open space between chest and neck, and the use is general, proving his superb protection.

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Out of stock
Frodi of Sacfell
Prompt service I bought the Bevor to go with a Milanese bellows helm and with a bit of reshaping I have good movement with the helm on. The Bevor only protects the front and so for sca use I've got to make up a back to protect the back of the neck. I paid by direct deposit and the Bevor arrived in Tas just on a week later.
Sam Campbell.
Up to my neck in it... Affordable, Gothic in style, articulated.
This form fits ones neck very well, though if one doesn't wear a gambeson, some other form of padding should be worn for safety.
Unlike the solid variety, this one folds down (as some did historicaly) which is a great time saver, comfort adding and allows one to actualy eat and drink!