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Embossed arm braces

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A pair of embossed steel vambraces, perfect for protecting the forearms from any wayward blades or projectiles.

Best when combined with some padded under-armour, vambraces are almost a necessity for anyone engaging in re-enactment or combat sport, as well as historically. The arm/hand is often a priority target when sword fighting, as if you can disable your opponents hand, by proxy you can disable their weapon. As well as this, your forearms are more often than not the most prominent part of your body, (if you like to hold your weapon in front of you) and as such may become a target anyway, regardless of any intent to disable your hand. This is all in addition to the rather important artery that runs along the inside of your forearm that you would most likely rather not be nicked.

As such, it's probably a really good idea to cover your arms with some hard steel, which is where vambraces like these ones come in.

Generously sized, these vambraces should cover from your wrist up to your elbow. They fasten to your arm via two leather buckles, and feature a decorative embossing. They are not padded, and as such we recommend getting either some forearm padding or a long-sleeve gambeson before use.

Length: 240mm
Width: 160 mm
Material: Carbon Steel
Weight: 1 kg (pair)

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John Betts
Strong and comfortable These are super strong and comfortable, and you don't have to do them up so tight that you loose blood flow to stop them moving around on your arm.