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Cops - Flared (xtra large) - 16ga

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This pair of medieval flared cops are large and angular in design. They are ideal for protecting the knee or elbow. Chainmail is an excellent source of protection, but it only performs its best across large flat areas, like the chest. Over small curved areas, like the joints need to be protected by something else, like a rigid steel plate. This is the function of the cop. In the very end of the 13th C. we can see on illuminations, funerary sculptures and others sources the use of elbow and knee protections to reinforce the knight´s weak points.

Width: 180 mm
Height: 155 mm
Weight: 1.08 kg (540 grams each)
Gauge: 1.6 mm (16ga)

Sold as a pair

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Out of stock
Good product, exceptional price I bought these a few months back for SCA combat. I'm a big guy and wear heavily padded underarmour and these happily fit over the top. The finish was superb and the price simply amazing. Very comfortable to fight in. The only issue I had was the straps were a touch too short and the leather used a bit lighter then I'd like. I still highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice set of knees.