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Practical Long Sword - HMB

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Designed for HMB re-enactment combat - This long sword will take almost any level of combat you can throw at it. It isn't pretty but has been expertly balanced to give the user that quick lively feel. Made from a high quality spring steel and has subsequently been tempered.To sum up this sword is suitable for every type of combat, from stage theatrics to Battle of the Nations smash'em down combat. This sword has superior balance, it is difficult to find a practical sword this well balanced in this price range.

Blade Length: 840mm
Overall Length: 1700mm
Blade Width at hilt: 44mm
Blade Width near tip: 20mm
Fuller width: 16mm
Blade edge thickness: 3.7mm
Weight: 2.2kg

Full tang, rounded and blunt. A 'ready-to-go' sword for the re-enactor. This sword makes a good 'beater' and has a 3.5mm edge for safety and strength in edge to edge combat styles.

This basic sword is destined to become one of your favourite heavy combat swords!

Combat Rating = 10 of 10