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The basic design of this tent is drawn from the extant remains of tents uncovered during the excavation of the Gokstad and Oseberg 'Viking' ship (dated around 800 AD) burials during the the period 1880-1905. While the remains of the latter have since deteriorated, original archeological catalogs provide information on the basis of the construction. Examples of the vertical gable board from the Gokstad also suggest a more prolific nature of the tent design throughout Norway and perhaps greater Scandinavia, as well as providing another splendid example of the distinctive craftsmanship and animal motifs of 'Viking age' Scandinavian art.

This tent alternates red & white panels on each side.
Entry and end triangle pieces are red.
Tent alternates 7 panels - red (burgundy) and white.

Measures approx
Length - 4 m
Width - 2.4 m
Height (Altitude) - 3.2 m
Canvas Weight - 16 kg

Like our conical tents this tent needs no ropes, meaning that the footprint outside is no larger than the internal footprint.

NOTE: Timber A-Frame in picture is not included

Standard Inclusions
Tent canvas - heavy duty (14 ozpy - 475 gsm)
Download instructions to build frame
Sod cloth. Sod cloth is a material band up to 30cm wide attached to the lower wall that is buried or has soil (sod) and other articles placed on it to create a barrier from wind and rain driving in under the tent wall.

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