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Maintenance Pack

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Fight Club Maintenance pack includes:

  • Wax:On Armour polish
  • Le:Balm Leather treatement
  • Coat de Armour moisture sealant
  • MFC Rust Eraser


Wax:On is a purpose made polish for armour and weapons. It seals and protects steel, chrome, gold plate, clear coat, brass, polished aluminum, paint, stainless steel and other bare metal surfaces. Seals in shine and locks out pollution and oxidation for up to 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE - When you receive the wax it may look half full. This is because the contents of this item will settle over time. Please check the weight and let us know if it is lighter than it should be. The contents may also move in transit and the cellophane covering may be awry.


Le:Balm is a purpose made balm (or balsam) for any leather product. Not only does it improve the life of leather It helps to make items like shoes/boots etc water resistant.

Coat de Armour

Premium protection for all non-porous surfaces. Creates a complete moisture barrier with a hard (diamond like) coat of armour that leaves no chalky residue.

MFC Rust Eraser

This simple device is designed to erase rust off metal. It is simple and easy to use. It can work wet or dry. Works considerably better than steel wool and won't scratch the metal surface like sand paper.

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