Warrior Drinking Horn

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This horn holds enough mead or ale to satisfy any warrior's thirst. You can drink deeply from this horn!

Capacity 800MLS

approx. 45cm along the curve
approx. 27cm   circumference

Capacity 900-1000MLS

approx. 55cm along the curve
approx. 28cm   circumference

Capacity 1200MLS

approx. 55cm along the curve
approx. 30cm   circumference

Capacity 1400MLS

approx. 55cm along the curve
approx. 32cm   circumference

Please Note: The capacity of the horn is dependent on the length and the circumference. Fight Club has noted the average length and circumference for each horn. The capacity of the horn will be as stated and may even be slightly more!

All of the Northern European nations formerly drank out of horns, which were commonly those of the urus or European buffalo.

Horn will differ slightly from image. Some tooling or scuff marks may occur.

Please ask for colour (i.e. mosly black, some white, mottled etc) we will do our best to fulfill a request.

This is an organic product and as such it is recommended that you include a coating of beeswax or other food grade sealant. The item should be polished clean especially on the inside and if not then we are happy to replace.
We do not seal with lacquer as this is not suitable to re-enactors who want a more historical approach of using genuine beeswax. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and therefore better than chemical based lacquer.

The vessel is safe to use but we still recommend a beeswax coating inside any organic food/drink vessel.

See our video for tips on how to wax coat a horn

You can use it without coating but depending on what you consume some future contamination of the vessel is possible.
Beeswax is available on this site or we can do it for you.

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