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Beeswax portions

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Protect your things! Protect your prized drinking horn, leather goods, and wooden trinkets from water damage and any unsightly stains. Beeswax is also a natural anti-bacterial agent, helping to guard yourself against the nasties that can germinate in any eating and drinking utensils.

And guess what? It's not just about your drinking horns and leather costrels, as beeswax is perfect for any sort of water-proofing: a solid layer of protection for those handmade bowls and feasting boards.

If you're worried about water ruining your nice woodcrafts or leatherware, a layer of beeswax might be the best thing for it.

These portions consist of 100% raw filtered Australian beeswax.

You will receive 5 pieces.
Approximately 70 g total

Check out this video tutorial on how to use the beeswax on your drinking horn:

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