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Needle cases were an essential part of any Norse housewife’s everyday clothing. Not only did it keep her needles safe and handy, but indicated that she was wealthy enough to afford good iron needles. Needle cases came in many styles from barely simple to highly ornate.
This one is designed to be hung and has a lid to keep the needles secure.

14th~15th Century needle case based on a find in the Netherlands.

Weight: Approx. 68 grams
Size: 90mm x 15mm
Needle Length: 70mm

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A fairly attractive piece to add to your kit and perfectly functional.
I can't speak for how historically accurate it is, but it's still nice looking and can keep your sewing needles in one place.

The lid is a bit loose, so probably not a good idea to keep anything in it if you're wearing it and moving around a lot.

I found that the brass plating is very thin and can be worn away easily, particuarly with aggressive polishing or darkening chemicals. Underneath the brass it's a solid piece of steel, though, so if that's the look you want then keep that in mind.

There are similar ones that claim to be made of pewter, but this one seems to be stainless steel.
It will certainly last a long time, and I'm certain it will only look better with wear and tear.

Overall, it's a cheap, historically plausible, durable-feeling accessory that is easily modified or customised. The price is about right and it does what it's meant to do.