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The Millstone (quern stone) is one of the oldest and important implements used by humanity, used as far back as the Neolithic periods and in some cases still used today in this form. They were used to grind and process grains, nuts, spices and other foodstuffs for consumption, but also for grinding pigments and ores before the advent of smelting. They ranged from being small enough for household use, handled by one or two people (as this product is), or large enough for community use, operated by livestock.

Our querning millstone is hewn from sandstone and comes in two pieces: an upper 'runner stone' that rotates through the use of a wooden dowel, and a lower 'bedstone' that sits stationary and acts as the base of the mechanism. Both the stones have a circular cut out in their centre, in which a wooden chock resides. From the chock in the bedstone a metal rod emerges to connect with a hole in the runnerstone's chock: this allows for fast slotting of the two stones onto each other and easier rotation.

The entire Millstone is adorned with decorative etchings that make it truly stand out. A piece like no other, the Millstone is an incredible addtion to any reenactor's collection.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Millstone being a dense, stone product, it will be available for pickup ONLY from our Warnervale store. We will not ship this item as we cannot guarantee a perfect condition upon arrival.

Dimensions (Approximates)

Bed/Runner Stone Diameter: 29 cm
Bed/Runner Stone Thickness
: 5 cm

Dowel Length
: 15 cm

Total Weight: 20 kg

Store and address
Working hours
Warnervale Store
4/1 Burnet Road
10am - 3pm, 7 Days
1300 768068
In stock & ready to send

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