Warhammer Head - Combat Ex Display

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PLEASE NOTE: This item is Ex Display, and has a coating of surface rust. Easily removed and will not effect function.

Combat ready war hammer head

War hammers were developed as a consequence of the ever more prevalent surface-hardened steel surfacing of wrought iron armours of the late medieval battlefields during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The surface of armour could now be as hard as the edge of a blade, so blades tended to ricochet. Swords, or the blade of a battleaxe, were likely only to give a glancing blow, losing much of the impact, especially on the high curvature of the helmet. The war hammer could deliver the full force to the target.

The pick side was highly effective at piercing deep into the armour plates. Failing that, when placed between the plates it was a good lever to tear open any suit of armour. Sometimes these are affectionately known as a "can-opener".
Shaft dimensions will need to be approx. 21mm x 28mm

Hammer and hook length: 215mm (8.5'')
Weight: 935g

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10 - point may need rounding

Practical If you want a spear head that will go through plate armour like butter, look no further. Good weight, reasonable finish, good tempering. This is a practical spear which i put through some 16g plate armour without any fuss. good purchase definately recommend.
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