La Tene Type II Celtic Sword

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This sword has been named after the famous find site of La Tene in Switzerland where dozens of Celtic swords were found preserved at the bottom of Lake Neuchatel. It is typical of Celtic swords throughout Europe in the La Tene II period. This period roughly dates from 250 BC to about 100 BC.

The people traded widely and artifacts with influences from Greece and Ireland have been found in elite burials. It is suggested that the culture was driven underground and then subsumed by Roman expansion.


Total Length: 1011mm
Blade Length: 829mm
Edge Thickness: +/- 1.5mm (will need grinding to be suitable for re-enactment)
Guard Width: 94mm
Grip: 89mm
Weight: 920g
Scabbard Length: 857mm
Scabbard Weight: 751g


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