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Fencing Sabre - Practice

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Sabre — a light cutting and thrusting weapon that uses a valid target area of everything above the waist, except for the hands. The sabre is primarily used to slash, so hits with the edge of the blade as well as the tip are scored as valid. Like the foil, this weapon follows the rules of "right of way", and only one fencer can score a hit at a time.

End of Sabre blade is curled or folded over.

#5 Adult size
Blade: 880mm (34.5 inches)
Overall: 1065mm (42 inches)
Blade width at hilt: 13mm
Weight: 300 grams

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10 (when used correctly)

Sabre was the last weapon in fencing to make the transition over to using electrical equipment. This occurred in 1988, 31 years after Foil and 52 years after Épée.

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S. G. Campbell.
Sabrer Good for what it is, and that is an Oly Sport Fencing sabre. Good fun and useful for those who might not be able to heft something heavier.