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SCA - Solid Cup Hilt for rattan pole

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Solid steel Cup hilt for rattan or training sword poles.
No gauntlet is needed to protect you hand, fits standard rattan poles as used by the SCA. Also ideal for beginners to practice actual sword combat while affording complete safety to the hands. Stylish design incorporates a scalloped pattern.

Internal basket diameter height: 200mm
Internal basket diameter width: 150mm
Length overall: 240mm
Weight: 880g

All weights & measures are approximate as these are all handmade and can vary.
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Out of stock
Sam G. Campbell.
Rock, Paper, ... Awesome.
It balances out the rattan and moves the center of balance closer to the hand, making the whole thing swifter to move.
It's thick and sturdy, yet maintains an almost Gothic-esk look about it. Also shiney :D
And the added weight makes it hit with a tad more authority as well :P
And still mucking around with how I'm going to fix it to the 'handle' without putting holes in it, as it's too good to damage like that.