Sword Blade Type-3 Cutlass Blank

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Sword Blade Type-3 Cutlass Blank

Want the perfect sword but forging and tempering are outside your skills or just too much effort? Do you love making swords but you are bored with making blades?

Use one of our 50rc (Rockwell "C" hardness) tempered blades and furnish and balance it yourself. Tang is prepared, fuller is included and blade edges dull, and is tempered just right, all ready for your final touches. Suitable for combat re-enactment, test cutting or any other purpose you would build a sword for.

Blade Details
Blade type: Cutlass
Length Overall: 777mm
Length Blade: 610mm
Length tang: 168mm
Width blade at hilt: 32mm
Width blade near point: 25mm
Width tang (average): 14mm ~ 10mm
Blade thickness (average): 4mm ~ 5mm
Edge (average): 1.5mm
Weight: 480 grams
Tang profile type: 2* (See description below)
Tang Feature: Threaded end
Steel: EN45 (Spring Steel)
Hardness: 50 HRC

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10 - needs hilt to be fitted.

Please see additional photos for more details.

*Description of tang types
All our sword blade blanks have a full tang that is shaped and tempered from a single piece as part of the sword and not just welded on like many other sellers would sell you as a "full tang" in their inferior swords.
Tang profile type 1 - A standard non threaded full tang in the shape best suited to that sword type
Tang profile type 2 - A specific threaded full tang that is designed to work with our type 2 hilts, also compatible with Hutton swords. We use an M8 thread and is 100% compatible with our M8 threaded pommels.

Pommels and Guards and complete hilts
We also sell a range of pommels and guards (see one of the locations below). Some type 1 pommels and guards will work fine on the type 2 sword blanks. Just check the measurements brass pommels can be threaded without any difficulty or much experience.
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Medieval Fight Club
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Additional info

Available for order
By far, one of the best blades I have bought. Nice and strong, no bends or twists. Now need to wait for MFC to make a matching knife/main gauche blade!
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