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Hunting Trousse - 1350-1500

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Full tang, heavy, sharp and 'ready-to-go' usable hunting trousse.

False edge 3.5mm.
Leather scabbard is included.
Blade has an edge and can be further sharpened.
Sheath has belt loop - loop thickness may differ from image shown.
Horn handle.
1350~1500 CE

In the Middle Ages most of the nobility were devoted hunters. It was a sport that helped train for war as well as providing meat for the table. All of the huntsmen would prepare themselves for the hunt with a trousse. This large knife was used to dispatch the wounded animal, then dress out and carve the carcass. Sometimes the trousse was accompanied by a fork and a small knife for camp dining. Our trousse has a 12" long, 2" wide blade that will take and keep a razor edge. Furniture is solid brass, while the grip is polished buffalo horn.

Size Blade: 300mm (12 inches)
Size overall: 435mm (17.25 inches)
Width of blade: 30mm (1.25 inches)
Weight: 630 grams (not including sheath)

Combat Rating = 9 of 10 - Tip and blade too sharp and needs dulling.

I love how this knife feels, weight wise and balance wise, beautiful edge cuts good.
I recommend this knife to any one that wants to purchase one. Good job Medievil Fight Club.
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