HMB May Tournament

MFC is organising & sponsoring an HMB tournament at Blacktown Medieval Fayre on the 21st and 22nd May.
We are working with ANML, the ARA and Blacktown City Council to make this the biggest tournament of its kind in Australia to date.

1v1 - Triathalon event - Long Sword Sword & Buckler Sword & Shield
5v5 - Team fight - Open weapons within the rules

Cost of Entry
$0 - We do not require an entry fee, but you are required to register before the event.

Prize Money
$1000 for the winning team
$500 for the top scoring player
Up to $500 in additional coupons to be gifted to Knights who demonstrate chivalry and fair play. This will be given out by the audience.

What you need to know and have
You need to understand the rules of combat found here.
You need to meet the armour standard as found in the above document section 2.5.
You need to meet the weapon guidelines as found in the above document section 2.6
You need public liability insurance that covers HMB combat. It can be found here.
Most importantly you need to register using the form below.

What is HMB?
It is a full contact combat system for historical medieval battle. If you don't already have an idea then this tournament is not for you. However this promo video of the upcoming prestigious 2016 Battle of the Nations tournament will enlighten you on the style of combat expected by those entering an HMB tournament even here in Australia.

Registration Form

Profile & Walk on info

Important checks