World Snake Triquetra Sterling Silver Pendant

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The Norsemen were rather fond of ceaseless loops and flowing symbols, and this pendant is no exception. The pendant is a combination of the circular world snake Jörmungandr with the continual weave of the Triquetra.
The Triquetra is synonymous with the cycle of life and rebirth, and the World Serpent Jörmungandr was said to encircle the entire earth, so it is fitting that the two icons are conjoined in this manner.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Hallmark: 92.5


Width: 26 mm
Height: 36 mm
Weight: 6.3 grams

Is sterling silver real silver? The answer is a definite yes. Sterling silver is an alloyed form of silver which is much more suitable to use in jewellery and other metalwork.
Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. In this form the metal is beautiful and suffers from minimal tarnish, but it's generally too soft and malleable for many uses, including making most jewellery.
Instead fine silver is mixed with copper to create sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This percentage of fine silver is why you will sometimes see sterling silver referred to as '925 silver' or hallmarked with a 925 stamp.

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