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Leather drinking bottle - costrel

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Leather drinking vessels (costrel) and water carriers have been in use since Neolithic times, but it was during the medieval and later Tudor periods that they became particularly popular.

Holds approx. 1 litre
We recommend washing this bottle thoroughly before using it to carry liquid. Fight Club also suggests sealing the costrel with beeswax.


Wooden stopper: 8cm x 2.5cm

Bottle: 27cm x 14cm

Weight: 550g~600g

The brown colour of the leather may vary.

Please Note: The leather on these bottles may dry out in storage & cause the seams to leak. Simply fill with water and leave the leather to re-hydrate. If the leaking continues you may need to add a lining of beeswax to reseal the seams

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Out of stock
Functional but could be presented better This piece is a great functional piece of kit at a fairly reasonable price,where I and those who I showed it to felt it could improve however was in some of presentation of it,the overall feeling of at least the one I recieved was pretty rough

The piece i recieved had for some reason been painted over with a fairly mucky brown paint and the holes through which the string goes were also a bit rough,some of the leather on one side also had some slight scarring and bits gouged out (possibly from transit?)

This being said we've decided to glue a nice layer of material and paint it to pretty it up a bit and it remains a functional and good accessory for re-enactment
LeatherSkin Love this piece, as pretty as the picture, in fact I'm fairly sure I now own the picture you're looking at, really authentic looking, goes well with my other Viking age gear.

Note from MFC: They must just look similar, which given the process is highly possible.