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Monk's Habit ON SALE

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Step into the timeless garb of the revered monks with our exquisite Brown Monk's Habit, a testament to centuries of tradition and devotion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this habit exudes the solemn elegance of the monastic life. The rich brown hue reflects the earthy tones of the monks' humble existence, while the flowing design offers comfort and ease of movement during long hours of contemplation and prayer.

 From medieval cloisters to modern monasteries, the monk's habit has remained a symbol of spiritual commitment and humility.

Embrace the serenity and reverence of the monastic lifestyle with our Brown Monk's Habit. Whether for historical reenactments, theatrical performances, or personal reflection, this garment is a timeless reminder of the enduring legacy of the monks throughout history.

  • 100% cotton
  • Delicate Wash Cycle 30°

This robe has a small sun faded section on the front.


Tunic Length (from Shoulder):  144cm
Neck Diameter: 23cm
Neck Slit: 10cm
Sleeve Length (from armpit)
: 40cm
Shoulder Width:  53cm
Chest:  120cm

Bottom Hem: 200cm
Girdle Rope:  320cm

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