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Tall Medieval Boots - point toe - black (Size H)

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In the world of fashion, there's nothing as criminally underrated as historical boots. I mean just look at them, they essentially ooze style, they're very practical, and we all know that there's really no better feeling than strutting about like you own the place in some big leather stompers. But, truth be told, you very well could own the place if you're wearing boots like these.

The boots are thigh length and capable of top folding, with flat, hard leather soles and no heel. Hand made with comfortable and durable leather, they are perfect for late-medieval reenactment.

Size H
Boot Height: 790 mm
Length: 300 mm
105 mm

Approx. size 12 male Australian.

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270mm E -- AU 8 - US 9
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290mm G -- AU 10 - US 11
300mm H -- AU 11.5 - US 12.5
310mm I -- AU 13 - US 14
320mm J -- AU 14 - US 15
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A. There are two main reasons.
i. We stock our shoes from all over the world and they don't come as a standard or compatible size that can be trusted.
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