Drinking Horn & Leather Holder

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Horn Measurements (all measurements are approximate):

Circumference: 18cm
Length: 32cm along the curve

Horn Holder Measurements:

Max Belt Loop Width: 6.5cm

Please note: Horn holder is now dark brown.

All of the Northern European nations formerly drank out of horns, which were commonly those of the urus or European buffalo.

This horn has been cleaned and polished - if not then we are happy to replace. Please be aware that some tooling or scuff marks may occur.

The horn pictured is a fair representation and therefore your horn will differ slightly from the image. It may be lighter or darker than the horn photographed with different markings.

Horns are an organic product and as such we recommend that you include a coating of beeswax or other food grade sealant. We do not seal with lacquer as this is not suitable to re-enactors who want the more historical approach of using genuine beeswax. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and therefore better than chemical based lacquer. Both wax and lacquer can crack and flake overtime meaning they will pass through you and end up in the ecosystem, however wax is organic and will break down to its base components without leaving plastic residue in the environment.

You can use the horn without coating but depending on what you consume, some future contamination of the vessel is possible.

See our video for tips on how to wax coat a horn

Beeswax is available on this site or we can do it for you.

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