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FIE Sabre Fencing Mask - EXTRA LARGE

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Competition grade sabre fencing mask. Meets FIE specifications and includes electronic sensors in the entire bib. This mask can withstand 1600 newtons of force, add to that metal re-enforced frames and it is therefore as strong as fencing masks come. It is much stronger than 350n mask and can exceed the required 24kg punch test. When you want the best mask then look no further than this mask. Perfect for the pro fencer and WMA / HEMA practitioner. Back of mask is adjustable with velcro on elastic and rear brace.

How to measure yourself for a mask. Sizing for fencing masks are based on your vertical head circumference. Measure your head by taking a tape measure, holding it underneath your chin, from under your jaw, up past your ear, past the top of your head, down past your other ear, and back down to the bottom of your chin (from where you started).

How to work out mask size.


Your measurement

Extra Small =

52cm~54cm - or 20½~21¼ inches

Small =

55cm~59cm - or 22~23¼ inches

Medium =

60cm~65cm - or 24~25½ inches

Large =

66cm~70cm - or 26~27½ inches

Extra Large =

71cm~76cm - or 28~30 inches

The FIE is the international governing body for the Olympic sport of fencing. FIE is the "Federation Internationale d'Escrime" or International Fencing Federation and it governs the world rankings and competitions for modern sport fencing. When someone is talking about "FIE" gear, they are talking about fencing uniforms, masks, and blades that are approved for use in these international FIE competitions. Each item must meet specific requirements for use in an FIE competition.

In general, the FIE approved items will provide a greater level of protection and durability over other grades of protective gear.

FIE Fencing Masks - Standard fencing masks must have a bib that resists 350N of force and mask mesh that will stand up to the 12kg punch test. FIE fencing masks have increased safety requirements, with a bib that resists 1600N of force and mask mesh that will stand up to a 24kg punch test. In other words, the FIE masks offer more than twice the protection of a standard fencing mask.

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