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Tewkesbury 1471

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Campaign 131
Author: Christopher Gravett
Illustrator: Graham Turner
About this book
In this book Christopher Gravett details the climactic events of 1471 and the battle that virtually extinguished the Lancastrian cause. After the crushing Yorkist victory at Towton in 1461, King Edward IV appeared to have triumphed in England's bloody Wars of the Roses. The Lancastrian King Henry VI was even a prisoner in the Tower of London. By 1470, however, Edward's erstwhile ally the Earl of Warwick – The 'Kingmaker' – had joined the Lancastrians and a final reckoning was inevitable. Warwick perished at Barnet in April 1471, and on 4 May Edward confronted his enemies, including Edward, Prince and last hope of the House of Lancaster, at Tewkesbury.
•Origins of the Campaign
•The Commanders
•Opposing Forces
•The Pursuit to Tewkesbury
•The Battle
•The Battlefield today
•Further Reading
Paperback; October 2003; 96 pages; ISBN: 9781841765143
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