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Norman Helmet basic

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The Norman Helm was made famous by  William the Conqueror and the Norman victory at Hastings in 1066. Worn by Saxons and Vikings in the 10th and 11th centuries, they can be dated as far back as the 6th century and were still in use as late as the 15th century. The helmets get their name from their solid 'nasal' and reinforced 'eyebrows' pattern, which is borrowed from 11th-13th century style. Ideal for new re-enactors!

A traditional Norman style of helmet, this helm features a convex top with a subtle central ridge, which serves the purpose of diverting force and blows away from the top of the helm and down its sides. The jaggered eyebrows are an homage to the helm of St Wenceslaus of the early 900s.

This helm come complete with internal webbing and a chin strap.

Internal Circumference: 640mm
Weight: 950g approx
Gauge: 1.2mm thick (approx 18 gauge)

Combat Rating: 5 out of 10 (a little too thin for heavy combat)

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Daniel Sansom
Not a bad little helm for a Small head. Has a leather webbing liner for your comfort. Looks good. You might want to run a file down the inside of the nose piece if you use it for combat.
Great little helm This is a great little helmet for a bargain price. Sure it might not be the strongest helmet but it can still take a beating! Adjustable lining accommodates for any size head. Still best to wear with an arming cap for extra comfort.